Musto MPX Gore-Tex Pro Offshore Jacket 

This baby has served me so well. It's completely waterproof and wind proof so it gets me through squally passages like nothing else around. But its also lightweight so I don't overheat when I'm running round the deck, throwing in reeves and such the like. Then when it gets a bit colder, plenty of room in there to layer up. 

I chose this one mostly for the guttering on the hood so rain doesn't drip down the neck, and secondly for the amazing fleecy face coverage.

The oilskins

Musto MPX Gore-Tex Pro Offshore Trousers 

My favourite things I own - I wear these more than the jacket as they suit any weather. I can wear them in tropical climates with just undies underneath and in the cold with thermals.

Really good for cooking in high seas to make sure you don't get hurt from hot spills and of course, amazing for sailing!


OFUSHO Bluetooth 5.0 Deep Bass 152H

The only solution for audial entertainment at sea in my eyes.

Having to use your ears for sound and wind cues, plugging your entertainment into both ears is not the greatest idea.


I've had all too many incidents wheremy headphones chord has got in the way when the shit hits the fan and my phone has gone flying across the deck which is exactly why these things have been a gamechanger.

I can keep my phone safely down below whilst listening to some soothing beats or killer podcasts at the helm.



I'm a fan of the more flexible freediving fin as it takes less energy for me to kick, thus giving me more bottom time.

I actually bought  these because they were cheap as chips and I'm so in love with them.

THE mask

Mares x-Free Spearfishing Freediving Mask

I struggle to equalise when freediving so it's important to get the lowest volume mask possible. 

I've experimented with many and this one shits all over any others I have tried. And it comes in many sexy colours. I'm quite in love with my blue one.