Ep. 1 - Stage 1!

The story begins... 

We board a plane from Australia to Croatia to find a yacht fit enough to sail around the world. Our first yacht no less.


We were warned it wouldn't be easy, and my goodness they were right. There were hiccups, twists, turns, tears of both happiness and dispair and we want you to come along and experience every minute of it with us.

Ep. 2 - We Know She's Out there Somewhere

The search continues...


Well we certainly got to know Croatia. We drove up the entire length of the country trying to find our girl and didn't find one single bit we didn't like (because everywhere has pizza).

Ep. 3 - Is this the Yacht we Should Buy?

After looking at 13 boats; 11 of them being rubbish, 1 great, and 1 spectacular.

We bite the bullet an pray to the heavens we made the right choice.

Ep. 4 - Flying Half Way Across the World to Live on a Boat

The first day of the rest of our lives people...!

Ep. 5 - Seacock Issues

Jackson makes a false move and a seacock gives way. In comes Mr. Seacock to the rescue.

Ep. 6 - The Boat Tour!

Come and see how we live life on our Elan Impression 384 named Finding Avalon.

Ep. 7 - Our Sailing Route Revealed!

We thought it was time to give you a rough overview of the trip we have been brewing up over the last three years of our lives. So here it is, in amongst dinghy adventures and a tour round the city of Pula, Croatia with our cute mate, Freyja.

Ep. 8 - Freediving, Friends and Flag Hoisting!

Hoisting the flag of freedom on Avalon can only mean one thing; she gets to feel the wind in her sails. Press play to watch the magical moment we make this discovery; plus a little bit of the usual adventuring and ocean worshipping around North West Croatia.