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We went shopping for a yacht in Croatia; seeing 12 boats in total, which meant we inadvertently travelled the entire coastline (and a few inland spots). There weren't many places we didn't like, because everywhere has pizza; but we narrowed it down to our 4 favourite picks for anyone who might be planning a trip to this blessed land of beauty and intrigue.

We didn’t do much of the islands as we are saving that for when we’ve got our boat, but mainland Croatia had many a gem to share. We would definitely recommend hiring a car - it is so amazingly cheap to do so (About $7 AUD a day!!).

Marjan Hills, Split

Not only is Split a buzzing and characterful little town, but there is a leafy green Oasis that flanks it known as Marjan. You can access Marjan walking straight out of the town centre up some charming cobbled steps - OK charming might not be the word as they do make you pretty puffed. Worry not, as there is an idyllic little cafe at the top of said steps where you can re-fresh, re-charge and sit on heart shaped chairs overlooking the entire town.

Onward marching after your tipple at the cafe, much greenery and heritage architecture is to be enjoyed. For the more adventurous, there is outdoor rock-climbing along the way; pretty impressive to watch even if you don’t wish to partake.

Bit of a hike through the hills and your reward glints in all its turquoise glory in the form of Kazjuni beach. A pebbled oasis with a quaint little beach shack offering food and drink, or the opportunity to hire a paddle board if you are wanting over-water explorations. The secret too is that this little gem can also be reached by car if you don’t fancy the walk. But do the walk because you know you’re going to order pizza when you go out to dinner.

Pula, Istria

Our favourite city we visited in Croatia; perfectly constructed with Roman architecture, a lively square in the centre of the city an we did not have one meal that did not blow our socks off. Particularly of note was the Kastel, a short walk to the top of the city where you can go at any time of day to marvel over the view of the entire city and play King/ Queen of Pula. Fantastic sunset viewing option.

If city life begin to chew you up, the beauty of Pula is the beauty that surrounds it. So many tranquil spots to visit within a few minutes drive outside of the city. Two of which are to follow…

Kap Kamenjak Nature Park

Croatian Nature Parks are basically idyllic reserves of land with bars dotted around every 500 meters. Best of said bars is a hard pick but we will say Safari Bar is particularly of note. It has a viewing tower you can climb, draught beer and shady huts made of straw. Stumble out of Safari Bar and you shall find heaven; AKA, a blue cave and a jumping rock. Utterly addictive; we went back for more several times.

If you’re up for a good walk, you can circumnavigate the entire peninsula and try and work out which cove has the most sparkling turquoise water of them all - we never quite managed to decide. There are also dinosoar prints to look out or on the rocks and an authentic Croatian farm. This walk is about 9Km and you’ll not be short of spots to jump in for a swim or duck in for a refreshment.

Rovinj, Istria

Ohhh romance! Your quintessential mediterranean fishing town with wiggly old buildings and a yellow church steeple all nestled onto a hill surrounded by pretty little beaches. Make a day of it and spend the day walking through the nature reserve; taking your pick of one of the many perfect beaches to bask on. Then when Aperol O’clock approaches, head into the town and soak up the atmosphere in the waterfront bars (we really liked this one) and act like love-drunk teenagers once again.

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