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They said we would never make it...

"Don't do it!", "turn back!", "Save yourselves", they all said as we sorted among boxes of all our worldly possessions and moved out of the dream appartment on Narrabeen beach in which we had shared so many memories. "Are you out of your minds? This is the worst possible time of year to be going to Croatia to buy a boat", they said as we scoured the airline websites for the cheapest flights to Split.

The truth is, we wouldn't have been in a position to even think about buying a sailboat at 'the right time', back in October. We have been living on a shoestring for 18 months, saying 'no' to many an invitation to fancy dinners, slept in the car on ski trips (yes, cold), and been on a clothing ban (this may have been broken a few times - damn you Spell & The Gypsy). There is no time more perfect for us than right now.

Croatia is a great place to buy a sailboat as it is the world capital of sailing, awash with charter boats and you'll generally pay 40% less for the same boat than you would in Australia. The charter season is from May to October each year, so really you want to be looking at the end of the season when the boats come off the books. The boats available in May will generally be the dregs that got left behind and you may have to be prepared to look under a few rocks or even fly somewhere else to find something half decent.

We have faith. We shall go with open minds, we have not booked accomodation, just a hire car for now; and we will seek this baby out. She's out there somewhere.

Wish us luck, we are going to need it!

Xanthe & Jackson

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