Sailing Vessel Avalon

An ordinary couple with an extraordinary dream. They flew over to Croatia from Australia with the bold intention of blowing our entire savings on a sail boat and taking the long route back home.


Architect by trade, surfer, sailor, snowboarder and kiteboarder by design. Jackson has dreamed, aspired, and pondered of this adventure for 5 years now.

Photo: Mike Roberts

Growing up in beautiful Sydney, Jackson had a grandad from whom he inherited that salty blood running through his veins, with a boat named Avalon. Hooked from the start, he went on to sail skiffs, and on occasion yachts, competitively for 15 years up until now.


A good wholesome British filly who grew up and went to boarding school in the very smack-bang middle of England - i.e; the furthest away from the sea you can possibly get. Later in life, her family moved to a seaside town in Devon and **boom tick smash** she became a mermaid. With life before mermaiddom unfathomable and a far distant memory, Xanthe spends most of her waking days surfing, ocean swimming and free-diving when she isn't working in her IT Sales job or doing fabulous artworks. Slowly getting there with sailing; I mean she's tried it twice and loved it.

mermaid, snorkel, freediver, fish

Photo: Mark Morgan

3 years ago Xanthe was saving to buy a van because she liked the idea of waking up wherever you feel like each day, but still being at 'home'...Then she met a charming man named Jackson who told her of his own dream not too dissimilar and she rubbed her hands together with glee and never looked back.